It is required to possess a Professional Title of General Operator of the World Maritime Relief and Safety System (SMSSM / GMDSS) for the Captains and Officers in charge of the navigational guard of civil vessels under the World Maritime Distress and Safety System in any area of navigation, except for ships that only carry out navigation in a maritime zone A1.

Duration: 120 teaching hours, 50 theoretical and 70 practices
Time: 15 days of 8 hours daily.
Mandatory: minimum specialty certificate required for Captains and Officers
in charge of the navigational guard of civil vessels under the Global System of
Relief and Maritime Safety in any navigation area, except ships
Only sail in the maritime zone A1.
Modules: 4
1. Module of the general principles and basic characteristics of the Mobile Service
2. Module of practical knowledge and qualification of the basic equipment of the station
of ship
3. Module of operational procedures and detailed operation of the practice of
SMSSM systems and their sub systems
4. Capabilities module and operational procedures for communications
Program: Conforms to the Official Resolution of June 18, 2013 (Amendments of
Manila 2010), of the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine, for which they update and modify the training courses and their programs, included in the Order
FOM / 2296/2002 of September 4, in compliance with Convention STCW 78/95.
Adaptation to the General Operator SMSSM / GMDSS
However, those who hold the Professional Title of Restricted Operator of the
SMSSM, may take an Adaptation Course, whose duration is 80 hours, of
which, 30 hours are of theoretical content and 50 hours of practical content.