The possession of the Certificate of Specialization in Basic Training in Maritime Protection will be required for all crew members of merchant ships that must have the Certificate of Protection of Ships and Port Facilities, and who do not have the Certificate of Ship Protection Officer. This certificate includes training, instruction and competition rules to become aware of aspects related to maritime protection.

Duration: 70 teaching hours, 45 theoretical and 25 practices
Time: 10 days to 7 hours daily
Mandatory: minimum specialty certificate required for all personnel who are part
of the ship’s crew and that they exercise maritime professional functions.
Modules: 4
1. Survival at sea
2. Fire prevention and fire fighting
3. First aid
4. Personal security and social responsibilities
Renewal: every 5 years through a two-day competition maintenance course
Duration (16 hours), one day of survival and another of prevention and fire fighting.
Renewal requirements: Important to renew before expiration, for this you must have
any of these requirements
1. 3 months of shipment in the last year
2. 1 year of shipment in the last 5 years
Program: adjusted to the Official Resolution of June 18, 2013 (amended by agreement
IMO Manila 2010) for which training courses are updated and modified and
its programs, which are included in Order FOM / 2296/2002 of September 4, which
It complies with the STCW 78/95 training standards.