The PNB title – Basic Navigation Pattern allows the government of motorized pleasure boats up to 8 meters in length with the appropriate engine power, provided that the vessel does not travel more than 5 miles, in any direction, from the port, marina or shelter.

In addition, it empowers the government of nautical motorcycles within the specific navigation limits applicable to them, according to their technical characteristics.

For the government of sailing pleasure boats of up to 8 meters in length, it will be necessary to carry out the sailing training practices.

The theoretical exam, as well as its evaluation, is done in the places and dates published by the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine or Autonomous Community, to which the competences have been transferred. You can find the next calls below. In our academy we prepare you so you can pass the theoretical exam without complications, offering a course, thoroughly studied and created based on the latest regulations and previous exams.

While all the practices, necessary to obtain your degree, are done through our academy.


  • Minimum age: 18 years or 16 with parental permission.
  • Pass the theoretical exam.
  • Overcome Safety and Navigation Practices (mandatory).
  • Overcome Radiocommunication Practices (mandatory).
  • Overcome Candle Enabling Practices (optional).
  • Medical Certificate attesting that it meets the psychophysical conditions for the pleasure boat government, according to Royal Decree 875/2014 of October 10. The medical examination must be carried out in a Medical Center of drivers, we offer you the possibility of doing it in one that charges you € 20 instead of 40 or 50 euros which is usual.