Duration: 22 teaching hours, 11 theoretical and 11 practices, only 10% is allowed in the part
Time: 5 days to 7 hours daily
Mandatory: minimum specialty certificate required for officers in charge of
guard in machine chamber, and the Captains, Patrons and Officers who are to
take care of the navigational guard on boats required to carry the first aid kit
C, as provided in Royal Decree 258/1999, of February 12.
1. Health resources module for seafarers
2. Structure and functions module of the human body
3. Patient examination module
4. Choking and cardiac arrest module
5. Hemorrhage module
6. Shock module
7. Wound and burn module
8. Hypothermia module
9. Trauma, rescue and transport module
10. On-board poisoning module
11. Work accidents and diseases module
12. Individual and collective hygiene module
13. Medication administration module
14. Medical consultation module by radio
Renewal: every 5 years through a one-day competition maintenance course
duration (8 hours).
Renewal requirements: Important to renew before its expiration, but must perform the
full course
Program: The program conforms to Order PRE / 646/2004 of March 5, which establishes
establish the minimum contents of specific health training programs and
the conditions for the issuance and approval of the health training certificate of
Sea workers, in compliance with STCW 78/95.